Taking You And Your Business To Your Next Level

Professional Representation


We help your company grow, expand and build at a perfect pace by represeting you in a professional manner. This is our "boots on the ground" division. When we say "next level"...we really mean it!

Workplace Seminars


Do you have a business or health topic you want taught in both a connective and entertaining way... but you hate to speak in public? We love the "stage" and can help convey meaning and deep concepts to audiences in ways you may have never considered. We can coach you, advise you,..or even do it for you.



International Coaching Federation (ICF) Graduated We are proficiant at coaching individuals or groups: Life, Business, Realtionships, we can tackle it all ...with you

 Our Story

"What do you get when you partner a detailed, spunky, and brilliant Texas girl with a flamboyant, creative, non-conformist Virginian and set them off to form a company? Well, you forget everything you know about business, and instead you get a movement. The idea is simple: “What if we bring together a group of highly talented people with the sole purpose of elevating others? We can do the hard work and not take any credit—you know, like elves." A crazy company concept to be sure, but that's Elf Works, Inc. Formed in 2002, we have compiled a hand-picked crew of highly talented humans and we have accomplished more than we sometimes can even remember! We take the companies that partner with us higher than they ever could have imagined and further than they ever thought possible. Like the groups below did, do you want to see how far and high your company can go? We do!”

~This Is Us~









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